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      There are many different types of glassblowing being practiced today. The type of glassblowing that we specialize in is called flameworking.

      Flameworking involves using a torch to heat and work glass. Our classes are a great introduction to this time honored art form and a great launching point for people who wish to learn more about flameworking.

      During our classes you will learn to heat, shape, add color to glass, and express your inner creative spirit. Our classes are a fun hands on experience!

      MATERIALS: All materials provided.

      PREREQUISITES: No experience necessary.

      CLASS SIZES: Singles, pairs or threes welcome.

      CLASS LENGTH: 2 hours of instruction

      COST: $75 per person.

      By appointment only. Days and times are flexible.

      Contact us today to schedule.




      Matt Wolfe, born July 1980, works from his home studio in the heart of Boise, Idaho. There he creates primarily hollow form vessels and sculpture using borosilicate glass flameworking techniques. Glass has been his passion from the moment his eyes caught the flame during the summer of 1999. A self-taught artist, Matt enjoys the fluid quality of the glass. From solid to molten and back to a solid creation. His passion for glass is the reason he created Sawtooth Glass Project with his wife, Rose, and children, Ben and Brooklyn. The goal being to educate and expose as many people to the craft he loves so dearly.